Dual Degree Bachelor

Is theoretical knowledge just not enough for you? You would like to put your expertise into practice? Then Audi dual is the perfect choice for you. The program effectively combines a targeted degree program at one of our partner universities with a comprehensive practical experience at Audi.


  • Intensive personal guidance and supervision
  • Financial support throughout the program’s duration
  • Independent work on current projects
  • Opportunity for an assignment abroad
  • Permanent employments offer after the successful completion of the program
  • Optimal career's development opportunities
  • Work characterized by passion, pioneering spirit and enthusiasm

The most important questions answered right away

Which documents should I include with my application?

In addition to your completed online application, we require evidence of your educational history so that we can assess your eligibility. This should include, among others, your Abitur certificate (A level certificate/high school diploma) or your last two school reports. A covering letter and a CV would also be helpful. You can scan these documents and attach them to your application as files in the ‘Attachments’ section (preferably in PDF or JPG format).
We are also happy to give you the option to apply for several study courses.

What is the application process for the dual university programmes at Audi?

After you have submitted your online application to us, you will be invited to take the vocational aptitude test. Please complete this promptly.
We will then review all the applications and test results and inform you of the outcome. In the best case, you will be invited to attend our assessment centre.

How does Audi dual differ from a degree at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)?

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg/DHBW) is a university in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg which only offers dual-degree courses. As a rule, the theory and practical work experience stages of a course alternate in three monthly cycles. All DHBW students require a corporate partner for admission to the university.

When you take an Audi dual degree, you will study regularly at a university during the normal semesters. You won’t learn the theoretical technical knowledge in special dual lectures, but study alongside students who don’t have a corporate partner. The practical work experience stages take place during times when there are no lectures, during a work experience semester and during your thesis.

Will I be taken on by Audi after my dual degree?

All students who successfully complete their dual degree course within the standard study time are guaranteed a job with us.

How much do dual students (bachelor’s degree) earn with Audi?

You will receive financial funding from us every month irrespective of whether you are studying at the university or whether you are currently doing practical work experience with us in the factory. The payment is the same for all dual students; we do not differentiate between degree courses.
The amount of financial support is determined by the percentage of the basic monthly pay of salary scale 7 of the collective wage agreement of the metal and electrical industry in Baden-Württemberg (available online). It is:

1st Audi dual training year: 34%
2nd Audi dual training year: 37%
3rd Audi dual training year: 39%
4th Audi dual training year: 42%


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